The Rise

The Aeternum Empire started as a coalition of various human tribes in the middle of the continent of Perpetua. After years of unending, meaningless conflict, the leaders of each tribe finally agreed to work together for the greater good under the leadership of Omnes Inum, a young man from a small, relatively unknown tribe.

The newly-formed tribe quickly became a major political force on the continent and formed treaties with other nations and races. The alliances started out as mostly trade and non-aggression treaties, but after many years of working together, the majority of the nations decided to combine into one great Empire under the guidance of Omnes Inum, which became known as the Aeternum Empire. What once was the original human settlement became the capitol, Lux Civitae.

The government of the newly founded Empire was made up of a senate of representatives from the different states of the empire and an emperor elected by the senate, the first of which was Omnes Inum. He had a long, glorious reign, and most of the emperors in the centuries to come would be from his lineage, due partially to their connection to him, but mostly because he taught his children well, and they taught theirs well, and so on and so forth.

The Fall

Unfortunately, this teaching was diluted over time. This dilution combined with the scientific, artistic, and magical advancement of society to a point of practical stagnation. This cultural stagnation created a society that had no challenges, no problems to solve.

People began to form Pleasure Cults, groups dedicated to experiencing all that mortals could experience, from the heights of pleasure to the depths of pain. These cults committed all sorts of horrifying things in the name of experiencing mortality.

The ruling classes fought against these cults as much as possible, up through the reign of Emperor Nero Pertinax. He was a beacon of hope for those still sane in the empire. He was strong, righteous, noble, a seeming reincarnation of Omnes Inum. However, he disappeared one day, leaving his son, Lucius Claudius Augustus, in charge in his absence.

Lucius, unbeknownst to his father and the public, was the leader of one of these pleasure cults, Libita. Under his leadership, Libita became one of the most depraved cults in existence. Upon assuming power, he dissolved the Senate, replacing them with a small group of advisors from Libita and began to run the once-glorious empire into the ground.

The Fracture

The Order of Emendationem, a group of intellectual elite and masters of science and magic led by Aeneus Avica, Head Magister of the Empire, decided that things had gone far enough and began planning a coup d’├ętat. A year after the disappearance of Emperor Nero Pertinax, on the anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Lucius Claudius Augustus, the Order of Emendationem successfully overthrew Emperor Lucius and his advisors.

They seized the royal palace and Aeneus Avica opened a portal to the Lower Planes. He had worked out a formula that could take the unbridled power of the Lower Planes and control and convert it into a weapon of great destruction which would be used to eradicate the pleasure cults from the world and usher in a new age of peace, prosperity, and advancement of all races.

He planned on only opening a tiny portal to the Lower Planes, but he had been misled by powerful daemons. They had, in fact, implanted the idea of creating a portal into the Lower Planes into his head, corrupting him slowly until he began acting upon their desires.

The daemons were prepared for his opening of the portal, and hijacked it, enlarging it to a size that could not be controlled by anyone, even one as powerful as Aeneus. Daemons began pouring into Lux Civitae, destroying everything in their wake.

What was left of the populace and military evacuated the city and attempted to contain the daemon outbreak. A small group of warriors, scholars, holy men, and scientists snuck into the city, making their way to the royal palace in an attempt to close the portal and save the city. They managed their way into the royal palace and got all the way to the top of the highest tower, where they saw Aeneus, unholy power channeling through him to create an immense portal directly to the staging grounds of the armies of the Lower Planes.

They leapt through the portal and held off waves upon waves of daemons as the remaining leaders of the Order of Emendationem worked a ritual to close the portal in an effort to redeem their order from the foolish endeavors of Aeneus Avica. They managed it, shutting both themselves and Aeneus into the Lower Planes, thinking they had saved the day. However, the sealing of the portal released an immense blast of energy, splitting the continent of Perpetua in two and separating the survivors of the empire.

The New World

Now, centuries later, the survivors of the Fracture have settled the now two continents. Two major powers have risen, the Innovo Imperium in the north and Libertain in the south, each thinking that they are the true inheritors of the power and rights of the Aeternum Empire. However, there are other factions vying for the same power in this time of uncertainty, and no one truly knows the direction of the world.


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