Libertain is the conglomerate of city-states currently in control of most of Meridionalis, based in Citta Comunale, the largest and founding city-state that serves as the capitol. The City, as Citta Comunale is often called, was founded by survivors of The Fracture that fled south of Lux Civitae, most of whom were minor politicians, council members, and merchants. As things settled down, they began to expand their influence through alliances, treaties, and aggressive politicking throughout the southern settlements of Old Lux, as well as other groups of survivors. This sprawling, seemingly loose-knit alliance of continually bickering and petty local governments serves to mislead the average outsider. In truth, Libertain is the strongest economic and political force in the Material Plane, and the only nation to be able to stand up to the military might of the Innovo Imperium and give them pause in their attempts to claim the title as the inheritors of Old Lux.


Before the Fracture, the southern quarters of Lux Civitae housed most of the merchant class and the lower echelons of the politicians of the empire. As such, most of the refugees that were left on the newly formed shores of Meridionalis after the Fracture were politicians and merchants. Without much of a military force and the political chain of command in shambles, the highest ranking politicians slowly gathered the survivors together in an attempt to create some semblance of order. With equal parts of bureaucratic bickering and altruistic intent, the merchants and politicians were able to create a communal government amongst the ruins of the southern edge of Lux Civitae. They named this new, burgeoning city of hope Citta Comunale, or City of the People in the common tongue of the old Empire.

The City, as it came to be known, grew in both economic and political power. Soon, it was forced to compete for resources with other settlements and pockets of survivors from Old Lux that had been far enough away from the Fracture to survive without extensive damage. There were minor skirmishes, but ultimately, issues were solved through trade agreements, alliances, political marriages, and the occasional assassination. As the years passed, there grew to be so many interlaced treaties and agreements between these city-states that a council of representatives was formed, known as the Arengo. Its purpose was originally to keep track of the treaties and dealings and make sure that everything was enforced properly, but their responsibilities grew to include more and more of the day-to-day running of not only The City, but its tributary city-states and allies as well. The 24th Arengo, which was the first to include a diplomat from the Free Nations, officially founded the Libertain that exists today.

Once Libertain had been formally established, it began expanding its reach south, beyond the survivors of the Fracture. Many of the former outposts of Old Lux had become countries in their own right, and while some were glad to join the fledgling nation of city-states, others were more reticent. Those that joined freely were allowed a fair amount of autonomy, and became states of Libertain. The few that refused to join were left alone, although they have little room for expansion as Libertain controls most of the land around them. They were also “requested” to enter into trade agreements with Libertain, which made it largely impossible for them to take any military, economic, or any other serious actions against the conglomeration of city-states.

There were several attempts by Libertain to communicate with, forcibly enter, and eventually destroy Foraoise Arsa, but they all met with disaster and embarrassment, so Libertain likes to pretend that it never happened.

The Vastavit Desert at the southern tip of the continent remains free of Libertain’s influence, mostly because it is so far away from the capitol and the fact that it is a harsh environment where little can survive. Supposedly, there is a settlement somewhere in the vast wasteland, and some trading caravans that lost their way in the desert have come back with tales of gleaming metal spires and legions of soldiers clad in armor reminiscent of Old Lux, but these have been dismissed as rumor. At any rate, Libertain is much too preoccupied with threat of the Innovo Imperium to the north and trying to keep the Free Nations placated and on their side to worry about tall tales brought back by desert-crazed madmen.


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