Innovo Imperium

The Innovo Imperium is the empire currently in control of most of Septentionalis, based in the Deorum Mountains. While geographically smaller than Libertain to the south, their military is one of the largest, most powerful, and best organized forces on the Material Plane. The Imperium’s social policies are equally tight and efficient. Almost all of its citizens are humans descended from those that fled Lux Civitae during the Fracture. What few non-humans there are either slaves or make up a kind of underclass, abused by those above them.


During the Fracture, the religious leaders fled to the north of the city, as the northern sections of Lux Civitae housed many places of worship. A majority of the upper echelon of the military was stationed in those sections, as well. It is said that Atticus Sanctus, a young priest, saw the Fracture as a sign from the gods that the Empire had grown impure and corrupt. As he watching the city twist and warp, turning what had once been the pinnacle of beauty into blasted wastelands, he was overcome with the divine realization that since the Empire had been founded by humans, humans alone were worthy of ruling Lux, and that the Fracture was divine punishment for straying from the righteous path.

As things began to settle down after the Fracture, Atticus’s sermons spread this sentiment amongst the survivors. The young priest garnered power, as the more extremist factions of the military quickly became zealots under his cause. What few liberal minds there were amongst the human survivors were quietly silenced as Atticus’s power and sway swelled exponentially over his ever-growing flock. Eventually, the non-humans within the survivors were forced to move their camps to the south of the humans to avoid persecution.

Several months went by, and tensions between the northern and southern camps grew higher until one night, Atticus gave a speech in which he claimed he had been told by the gods that the only way to atone for their sins and reclaim their rights as rulers of the realmin was for the remnants of humanity lucky enough to survive the purging wrath that was the Fracture to cast out those unworthy and impure. During the height of this speech, pro-human extremists that had been planted in the southern camps the night before began slaughtering any and all non-humans they could find. Atticus then led his frenzied flock to the south to join in the killing. It was a long and bloody night, and as the sun rose on the ashes of the dead, the Innovo Imperium was born.

The non-humans that managed to survive Nocte Cineris, as that night came to be known, fled to the south towards the Roiling Seas and eventually founded the Free Nations. They have been resisting the glacier-like southward creep of the Innovo Imperium’s policy of death and totalitarian determination. Despite their best attempts, nothing has been able to fully halt the unyielding march of the Imperium’s self-proclaimed purity, and until the Imperium controls all that once was the Empire, it doesn’t seem like anything shall.

Thronum Dei, the Gates of the Imperium, and the Vallis Imperium

The seat of power in the Imperium resides in Thronum Dei, the capital and largest city in the Imperium, and is an incredible sight to behold. The massive city is carved into a mountain at the end of a valley that contains the only vaguely arable land in the entirety of the Deorum Mountains, known as the Vallis Imperium. In order to even get near the city, one would have to pass through the Gates of the Imperium, a nigh-impenetrable fortress that guards the Vallis against the Imperium’s enemies.


Innovo Imperium

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